Lay Leadership


Senior Warden

Junior Warden

Clerk of the Vestry


Financial Secretary

Paula Boone
Paul Childs
​Evelyn Beck
​Carolyn Dent
Clorine LaFargue

The Vestry

Vestry meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month (except in July-August, when we are in recess). Members may attend and have a voice at our gathering; but only elected Vestry members may vote on business before us. Meetings are at 10:00am.

Vestry Members

Kelly-Marie Berry
Clorine LaFargue
Karen White Neal

Evelyn “Jean” Beck
Stephanie Walde

Paula Boone

Paul Childs

Committee Chairs

Audit Committee

Christian Education

Community Outreach Committee
Church Security Committee

Counting Team Committee
   Hospitality Committee

Finance Committee

Fundraising Committee
Investment Committee

Nominating Committee

Property Committee
        Stewardship Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Technology Committee


Paula Boone

Rev. Antonio Baxter


Clorine LaFargue

Cora Floyd, Robert Smith

Carolyn Dent

Michelle Holder

Eric Pookrum

Outgoing Vestry Members

Paul Childs

Bernadette Philpot


Karla Oates