The Episcopal Church of the Atonement

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Where is Atonement located?

The Episcopal Church of Atonement is located at the corner of East Capitol and 52nd Street S.E. The parish mailing address is 5073 E Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20019. Parking is available on all of the neighboring streets.

When do Sunday School classes for youth and adult groups meet?

There are opportunities for all to further their Christian education. Children and teens are encouraged to participate in our youth programs (currently held virtually) on Sundays at 9 a.m. Corresponding programs for adults are scheduled at 8:30 a.m.. More information is available under “Education” on this website.

How can I become involved at Atonement?

There are many opportunities to support the activities in the church. Information about the various organizations can be found on the website under Parish Life. Our ministry and various church organizations participate in a variety of outreach activities that support the local community. We welcome your participation.

Do I have to be an Episcopalian to attend?

The Episcopal Church of Atonement welcomes all regardless of your religious affiliation or experiences.

Who may receive Holy Communion at Atonement?

All are welcome at the Lord’s Table. In accordance with ancient custom, the sacrament of Holy Communion is normally received by those who have been baptized in a Christian denomination.

How do I become a member of the Episcopal Church of the Atonement?

If you questions about confirmation or becoming a member, please contact the church office via email or telephone or speak with a member of the ministry at a Sunday service.

5073 E Capital St SE
Washington, DC 20019

[email protected]

Hours: Mon.-Thurs.: 9:30am-4:30pm
Virtual: Fridays 9am-12pm